Our Story

“THINK is a collaboration of entrepreneurs and creatives.”

All ideas start with a problem.

Small to mid-size companies are amazed at how hard it is to build a brand and get people to engage without emptying their bank account. They try a bit of this and a bit of that. As entrepreneurs, we’ve talked to hundreds of business owners, founders, and startups. They try to do it themselves instead of working on what they’re good at – their business. We hear it over and over again. So, what were the options?

There’s a better way.

We founded THINK Marketing + Research™ to create an alternative. We’re sincerely honored by the response. It began as a conversation over a cup of coffee and came to fruition in the most unexpected way. We imagined what it would look like to bring entrepreneurs and creatives together to inspire one another. By creatively navigating traditional channels, educating entrepreneurs, and managing independent talent to create a team, we can provide high quality, great looking branding and marketing that gets results at a fraction of the going rate.

We think branding your company to reveal it’s true business potential should be fun and easy. It should make you happy and successful, with money in your bank account. We also believe that every business owner will see results by getting their story and processes right.

Almost 50% of all new businesses fail. To help address this problem, we developed Brand Labs™ for entrepreneurs so they learn the secret behind the machine and make the most of their marketing investment.

It’s quite simple. Strong branding tied to real business strategy = profitable outcome.