Alexa, Fix My Brand

With AI poised to define the future of digital marketing, it’s important to acknowledge not only the possibilities, but the cultural and moral implications it holds for your brand. TechCrunch reports that Microsoft, DeepMind, Amazon, Google, Facebook and IBM are working on a cross-company partnership for ethical AI development.

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the greatest challenges facing today’s brands. Companies that embrace digital transformation make significant progress aligning business with advanced technology. At the same time, they risk falling short on the human experience if they don’t have the people in place to effectively integrate AI into their organizations and explore how customers interact with channel assets, what their goals are, and how the two can align to create a seamless and engaging customer experience (CX).

The AI Enhanced Branding Revolution is Here

Marketing uses AI to intelligently automate, optimize and curate content, manage and test campaigns, publish social media, support customers, review and report. For example, automated bots have the potential to directly impact your brand’s standing in the marketplace. Since chat bots powered by AI are an integral part of the digital customer experience (CX) for many companies, it’s more than a customer service initiative, it’s a way for your brand to positively engage people in real time.

It’s incredibly important to integrate this technology with a long-term plan and consciously consider how to integrate AI as effectively as possible for its intended purpose within your company. Responsible brands should consider the growing range of gender identities, cultural differences and target market preferences, among other things.

Alexa, Siri, Watson and others are designed to have human characteristics. Creatively, some companies are rethinking how AI interacts with customers to move beyond the ordinary.

We Can’t Yet Imagine What AI Will Do For Our Future, Let Alone Our Brands

As humans, we conceived this technology and it’s up to us to put it to good use. With the ability to help brands scale effectiveness and connect the dots in ways we have never experienced before, AI is the future. Today’s customers want their needs addressed and their problems solved quickly. With commitment and thoughtful implementation companies of every size can leverage AI to capture new markets, improve the customer experience, expand horizons, and fuel revenue growth.

Marketing executive, Kelly Ashton Bradley masterminds brand transformations that fuel double digit revenue growth for entrepreneurial companies. With 10+ years of branding, marketing, and in-the-trenches business leadership, Kelly rolls up her sleeves and brings BIG ideas to life.