Build Your Brand. Grow Your Revenue.

Your brand is the essence of your company. It has impact. It’s what people say about you and how you make them feel. Your brand has a VISION—something to believe in, a VOICE—with a distinct point of view, story and strong sense of origin, a CULTURE people want to belong to, and the PROMISE of a consistent experience at every touch point.

Brand Strategy defines your company’s culture, values, mission, and rules. It also serves as a compass to keep you focused and guide decision making.

Your brand image, story and physical environment engages peoples’ senses and creates the mood, atmosphere, and feelings they associate with your company. A pleasing physical environment differentiates your company and helps customers recognize you, makes your products or services more valuable, increases productivity and boosts employee satisfaction.

A powerful and distinctive brand identity can shape your image, invigorate your company and position you to capture new markets. Your brand’s visual identity evolves over time, the next chapter waiting to be invented. . . intertwined with a strong sense of origin, a distinct point of view, and a purpose-driven contribution to your community.

Today’s business climate requires fresh thinking, tools and approaches.

Marketing expert Kelly Ashton Bradley masterminds brand transformations that fuel double digit revenue growth for entrepreneurial companies. With 15+ years of branding, marketing, and in-the-trenches business leadership, Kelly rolls up her sleeves and brings BIG ideas to life.